Three Bridge Painting in Progress

Saturday 8/16/2014 Photo by passerby Charles Holt.

Day 2 under the Brooklyn Bridge beginning a 30×90″ panoramic painting. I got there at 8 AM and worked until 8 PM when it was too dark to see anything any more. I made this cradled panel and stretched a pre-oil primed piece of canvas over it. I cut a handle in the horizontal cross brace on the back and also mounted a quarter inch piece of nylon rope to the support as a shoulder strap to help carry it. I’m starting by drawing the scene. There’s so much there! Getting it all into position is tricky and time consuming! Lots of rubbing out and starting over. At around 6 PM or so, a photographer came up and asked if he could shoot some photos and I said, “Sure. If you’ll email the photos to me later.” He agreed. Turns out, he’s a really terrific photographer! Thanks Charlie


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