3 Bridge Painting in Progress


Rainbow 2 6.21.15

June 21, 2015 I didn’t work on the bridge today. I finished the small portrait of Juan and started a bigger one of him sitting on the bench with his shirt off. I want to paint his tattoos and the giant scar on his belly. He did the tattoos himself with a piece of metal guitar wire in prison. “Hate” on the knuckles of his left hand with “Hate” tattoos on his left arm. “Love” on his right knuckles with “Love” tattoos on his right arm. The scar is from one of two gunshot wounds. He said it happened when a drug deal went bad in the projects in Williamsburg Brooklyn in 1984.

Juan 6.21.15

Last touches on this one. On the first day, he had his NY hoodie. On the second day he didn’t. He said he slept in the park one night and the next morning he woke up and his backpack had been stolen. His NY hoodie was in the backpack. Then he wore a blue long sleeve shirt but that one went missing too.

June 21, 2015 He said,

June 21, 2015 He said, “I want you to call this painting, “Juan Martinez Outlaw”.

3 Bridge Painting in Progress

Saturday May 16, 2015

Photo by passerby Nakeisha Stewart.

I was using a level to draw line work on the Brooklyn Bridge and listening to music on headphones when a lady named Roma tapped me on the shoulder. I took off my headphones and she said, “You’re not an artist right?” I said back, “Why do you say that?”

Roma – “Because you’re using one of those things. Artists’ don’t use those things.”
John – “Well then, I must not be an artist.”
Roma – “So what are you?”
John – “You have to guess.”
Roma – “Are you a craftsman?”
John – “Yes! That’s right. You got it right on the first guess.”
Roma – “Wow! You’re a really great craftsman!”